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Railings Grey Venetian Blinds

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Use this grey Venetian Blind in conjunction with a bright colour, such as red, to create a unique look!
Venetian BlindsVenetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats made from either wood or metal and are held together by cords that run through the blind slats. They can be tilted easily to let in more or less light, and they're easy to raise and lower.

Flame RetardantFlame Retardant

Flame Retardant

During the manufacturing process, a chemical substance has been added to the fabric to reduce the likelihood of the finished product catching fire and to slow the combustion process.

Moisture SafeMoisture Safe

Moisture Safe

Moisture-resistant blinds can withstand minor water and moisture exposure.  



This type of blind reduces the amount of light that enters the room, resulting in partial darkness.


25mm Slat

Slats are the horizontal pieces that you tilt, raise, and lower when operating your blinds. These slats are 25mm, 2.5cm, 1" wide.

Min Width:120mm
Max Width:3000mm
Min Drop:125mm
Max Drop:3000mm
Use this grey Venetian Blind in conjunction with a bright colour, such as red, to create a unique look!

About your Roulette /Elan Venetian Blinds

Our standard Venetian blinds are available in a slat width of 25mm for a sllim and sophisticated look, giving subtle fine lines of colour when open.

  • the 25mm Venetian blind has a head-rail that is 27mm wide x 19mm deep. The head-rails,  bottom-rails, cords and ladders are fully colour-coordinated (where possible) with the chosen slat colour.
  • all Venetian blinds are raised and lowered by operating cords and can be locked into position using a cord lock mechanism. 25mm blinds are opened and closed using an acrylic wand and geared tilter. 
  • all Roulette Metal Venetian blinds can be supplied with varied controls.  All controls on left, or all on the right.  Reverse controls with right-hand cord tilt and left-hand cord raise and lower is also an option.
  • all our blinds are supplied with universal brackets suitable for either top or face fixing. These brackets are almost invisible when fitted.

Your metal Venetian blind options

  • 25mm Venetian privacy blinds are perfect for superior sun blocking and room darkening. The novelty of privacy Venetian blinds stands in the fact that slats do not have punched holes down the middle to interconnect the cords. The cords no longer run down the centre of the slat, but are attached at the back.
  • LiteRise 25mm Venetian blinds are manufactured on the Elan headrail that has a headrail 25mm wide x 25mm deep. This revolutionary cordless Venetian blind removes the need for unsightly and dangerous pull cords making it completely Child Safe.
  • we offer a mixed slat service where you can alternative the colours of the slats in your Venetian blind. You can choose a maximum of 2 colours and these must be all the same slat size. The price will be calculated depending on the colour and finish of the slats you have chosen. The surcharge for mixed slat is 20%.
  • A uniwand control is available on all 25mm standard Venetian blinds. On 25mm blinds a neat single wand control mechanism is used for raising, lowering and tilting the blind, which can be fitted on the left or right. When the blinds are raised the cords can be neatly wrapped around the cleat attached to the wand, eliminating free-hanging cords.
  • If you are fixing your blinds to a door or window and do not want unsightly cords we can offer you a tensioned 15/25mm Venetian blind.  Particularly useful when wanting to stabilise your Venetian blind to a door or window and ideal for tilt and turn windows. The unique figure of eight cording housed in the bottom rail ensures that the blind will stop in any position. The head-rails, cords and ladders are fully colour-coordinated (where possible) with the chosen slat colour. Operation is via a handle that is positioned on the bottom rail to raise and lower the blind. Opening and closing of the slats is via a wand and this can be positioned on the left or right. It is not possible to colour-coordinate the bottom rail with these type of blinds and we will at our discretion manufacture these blinds with either a white, tan or brown bottom rail.


  • Hold down brackets are used when you want to stabilise your Venetian blind on a door or window when opened. The blind is held in position by means of pins fitted in the end-caps of the bottom rail. These are then clipped into the brackets fitted to the door or window.
  • Extension face fix brackets are used when you want to avoid any protruding handles.

Our conditions

  • we reserve the right to change the product specifications at any time without prior notice.
  • •all sales are subject to our standard conditions of sale.
More Information
Min Width120mm
Max Width3000mm
Min Drop125mm
Max Drop3000mm
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